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Sketch by StrangeAxle Sketch :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 1 0 Muh Privilege by StrangeAxle Muh Privilege :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 0 4 Post-stroke mermaid by StrangeAxle Post-stroke mermaid :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 1 0 You WON'T Remember This by StrangeAxle
Mature content
You WON'T Remember This :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 3 5
Lina and Nix Sketch by StrangeAxle Lina and Nix Sketch :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 5 1 Angel and Cupid by StrangeAxle Angel and Cupid :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 3 3 Lina Dress Concept by StrangeAxle Lina Dress Concept :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 4 5 Cloudbuilt Fanart by StrangeAxle Cloudbuilt Fanart :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 6 2 Dixie Kong Design/Line Study by StrangeAxle Dixie Kong Design/Line Study :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 5 0 Mermaid (Unfinished) by StrangeAxle Mermaid (Unfinished) :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 2 1 Styx Fanart -- Amber Alert by StrangeAxle Styx Fanart -- Amber Alert :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 1 0 Too Many Fuzzies by StrangeAxle Too Many Fuzzies :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 5 1 Pull It Out or Dig In by StrangeAxle Pull It Out or Dig In :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 3 0 Kat Sketch/Line Test by StrangeAxle Kat Sketch/Line Test :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 3 0 Worthless by StrangeAxle Worthless :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 3 0 Metroid X Star Fox WIP Design by StrangeAxle Metroid X Star Fox WIP Design :iconstrangeaxle:StrangeAxle 14 6


Mermaid Melanie 7 by Della-Stock Mermaid Melanie 7 :icondella-stock:Della-Stock 13 2 ACEO Manolya by WithyArt ACEO Manolya :iconwithyart:WithyArt 492 72
The Game
The Game of life is never ending.
After some choices, we end up going back a few spaces,
others, we move ahead.
Then there are the special spaces
all of these spaces help us to move ahead in life more quickly,
they help us to accept ourselves as we are which help us to be happy.
Then there are the spaces that move us back
mental illness,
These cause us to move back several spaces.
More spaces than helpful spaces.
These make us move back weeks,
even years.
They set us back from recovery,
then they tease us by telling our brains we don't need recovery
we don't deserve the good spaces when all we are is worthless.
The problem with this is that we believe those voices and we grab the sharp edge and drag it across our skin to prove to ourselves we're still alive.
To prove that we can feel and that we aren't numb.
To prove that we are capable of at least physical feeling if not emotional.
This leads us to moving ba
:iconfragilecapricorn00:FragileCapricorn00 2 0
Inktober#31 Blue is the Warmest Color by Medoree-Sound Inktober#31 Blue is the Warmest Color :iconmedoree-sound:Medoree-Sound 325 11 Volunteer Landing Bridge by TheAwkwardLesbian Volunteer Landing Bridge :icontheawkwardlesbian:TheAwkwardLesbian 4 12
Can I Exist.
Home is where they say the heart is.
Mine is buried in the yard.
Hell's a place they say is for sinners,
I'll be the man in charge
But... how, can I exist? Within the mist of this?
But... how, can I admit? That I would quit on you?
I wrote God a simple letter.
Still haven't heard from him.
I must have really messed up this time
Shit must have hit the fan.
But... how, can I exist? Within the mist of this?
But... how, can I admit? That I would quit on you?
:iconlxna-mxon:Lxna-mxon 1 3
Booker, are you alright? by LilSophie Booker, are you alright? :iconlilsophie:LilSophie 63 5 Sarina, the queen of dragons by Mistress-Olive Sarina, the queen of dragons :iconmistress-olive:Mistress-Olive 47 8 Original Oc by ThatDarnDillman Original Oc :iconthatdarndillman:ThatDarnDillman 1 1 Daddy's Lil' Monster by ThatDarnDillman Daddy's Lil' Monster :iconthatdarndillman:ThatDarnDillman 1 0 Adolescence by stefangrosjean
Mature content
Adolescence :iconstefangrosjean:stefangrosjean 1,523 34
Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine by ShadeCramer Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine :iconshadecramer:ShadeCramer 168 15 Vi // Original Character. by Lxna-mxon Vi // Original Character. :iconlxna-mxon:Lxna-mxon 6 11 Kitty ~ Kitty by Lxna-mxon Kitty ~ Kitty :iconlxna-mxon:Lxna-mxon 9 14 Red by Nad4r Red :iconnad4r:Nad4r 2,044 44


by Yuuza

I definitely like the hues used. It looks like the old renaissance Japanese artwork with a new-age spin. The use of color and highlight...

Y'all can suck my ass.  This site is cancer.  and today's my last day on this site as of this writing.

I'm leaving my gallery and journal entries up for documentation purposes, and if y'all are colon rammed because of my posts in Gaming/politics threads, you can go ahead and have at it.

I will not discuss why I'm going to jail because it's my right.  Let's just say I was man enough whom came clean with what he did and now is eating the consequences, unlike most of the human race who'll hide behind lawyers because their life is so convoluted and screwed up themselves that they don't wanna lose their Patreon money and their jobs they sucked so much cock for. And I would discuss the deets if we'd take the "liberal route" and having an "open dialogue" about it, but I'm sure I'd get nothing but ridicule from a bunch of autists that only think they know what the real world is like -- through their computer monitors.  Also the fact that people on this site like to say "they don't judge" and are "open-minded" well, if you heard my story you'd think otherwise.  So if you're asspained about some "close-minded" troll post of mine on the forums, and you've come here to smear your thoughts on my page you can go right ahead and release your autistic rage on this entry or my comments section.  Cuz I have nothing further to say on this site, or any other.  Can't wait to see what to read in 2 years. I feel the human race is pretty fuckin' stupid and illogical -- just as my ramblings on the forums are.  Which I'm sure most of you don't quite understand.  I point out certain flaws through many different means, yet people think "debating" involves pinpointing one thing they can make a smartass comment about, thinking it'll derail the entire point/argument of their opposition -- when it really doesn't.

"Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die."  

Let the rage commence fuckers.  I hope life hits you in the ass as much as it did with me, and it makes you realize that self-confidence is worth nothing and success is acquired, not earned.  It's all based on dumb fucking chance -- and whether the fact you have tits and a vagina, and suck massive amounts of cock. (trigger warning for you feminazis)

Also of note, really sick of dA putting this big orange box up in a rage about AdBlocker users.  Well make all the hardcore Core members pay.  They already get paid enough for making League of Legends porn and having artists pay to take the censors off the tits and vaginal area?  They're clearly getting enough money for doing next to nothing -- so make them pay, DeviantArt, if you're so asspained that some of us don't want to be bombarded with ads.

So anyway, I'm totally done with this site -- leaving it up for documentation purposes.  Don't wanna burn space on my external.  And I hope life kicks y'all in the ass, fuckers.
  • Listening to: My brain snapping
  • Watching: my life deteriorate.
  • Playing: The game of life.
  • Eating: the consequences
  • Drinking: The pander jizz of people whom I hope will hire me


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am very much into anatomy, character designs, and portraying action. In college, I've worked in traditional 2D, and 3D animation classes but currently focusing on my 2D artwork. I've been out of school for some years now, but consider myself a Student (we're always learning) and working my way to become a professional at the digital arts. Down the line, would love to delve into animation again.

Currently, I'm trying to build a following with various artwork/concepts of my own and fanart. Currently focusing on color theory and lighting in my studies.


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